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Boone County Special Services

This facility is an equal opportunity provider.

Celebrating 50 years of Service - 2022

Our Mission

The Mission of Boone County Special Services is to provide services for individuals with developmental challenges, and their families, in order to promote learning and working environments that will enhance the potential of all.

Adult Development

Our Program offers life-skills and enrichment classes such as:

  • current events
  • cooking classes
  • exercise/health classes
  • computer classes
  • finance management
  • arts/crafts

Contract Services

Boone County Special Services functions as a professional outsource operation for companies and manufacturers by providing services for specific contract work. Our contract services division offers businesses a cost effective solution to manpower and space shortages. All contract work is subject to a 100% quality control check, guaranteed to be according to client specifications and delivered on time.
Contract Specialties Include:

  • Packaging
  • Assembly
  • Sorting
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Gauging
  • Inspection and weight checking
  • Special Projects

Extracurricular Activities

Boone County Special Services offers adults with physical or cognitive impairments a fulfilling work experience and education, in addition to socialization.

  • Field Trips
  • Social events
  • Special Olympics
  • Guest Speakers
  • Many more fun events

Boone County Special Services
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