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Boone County Special Services

This facility is an equal opportunity provider.

Adult Development

This program offers life and work skills to greatly increase the ability to be self sufficient. A potential consumer is evaluated and a decision is made as to whether he/she would benefit from our service. If so, a plan is set in place to facilitate the individual's areas of development that need improvement. Participants’ work on established goals to enhance daily living and social skills.


Work Experience

Our work experience program gives consumers on the job training in a controlled environment. Individuals learn how to do specific jobs and interact with co-workers.





Contracts from local employers are procured and the consumers are taught to fulfull the contract specific tasks. Individuals are payed for their work.




Socialization is very important for the development of any individual. Our goal is to help each consumer interact with their peers. To this outcome we provide field trips, media days, etc.

Boone County Special Services
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